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  • Product name:Kaidewei generation GS series GS-3078P
  • Category:Vacuum cleaner series
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Product introduction:

GS-3078P is an industrial product with a dust collecting barrel of 80L. It is made of stainless steel and has a stainless steel frame. It is light and convenient when moving. In addition to the conventional hand-held vacuum, the machine is also equipped with a push of 60cm or so. Sucking head can be sucked and sucked, which reduces manpower and material resources; it can be used to clean dust in factories, warehouses or construction sites, etc., and can also be used in commercial environments.


The plastic parts of the whole machine are made of PP material.

The heat dissipation is air-cooled double bypass heat dissipation, which can cool the motor through the air sucked from the dust suction port, and can also cool the motor by sucking cold air from the upper air inlet of the vacuum cleaner while the vacuum cleaner is running, prolonging the machine. usage time.

The power is composed of three 1200W motors. The independent switch can be used as needed or 2 or 3 at the same time. At the same time, 3 of them are 3600W.

The filter system has three layers: the first layer is a washable FP3100 dust separator, made of non-woven fabric, and the second layer is a washable FPPR5800 filter element. It is made of polyester. The filter area of these two layers is up to Around 8900cm2, filter cotton around the third layer motor.

The handle of the artificial mechanics and the frame are easy to lift the product motor head or push the product.

The upper cover is designed with a lower cover. During use, water can be prevented from entering the motor from the upper part of the machine to avoid malfunction.

With a synchronous switch, it can be used in sync with other products while ensuring safety.

The female connector is movable and equipped with a maintenance ring, which can avoid hose knotting when in use. When there is a blockage at the female connector, it is easy to clean the blockage by simply rotating the maintenance ring to divide the female connector into 2 parts; The hose is a nylon hose.

The dust collecting bucket is made of stainless steel and has a dumping function. When the user cleans the garbage in the bucket, it only needs to lift the dusting bucket's pouring handle to clean it easily; the dust collecting bucket is 80L.

10. The front small wheel is a universal wheel with brakes. It is light and flexible when moving with the frame. When parking, please brake the brakes. When it is safe, you can stop the brakes on the small slope.

With a variety of dust removal accessories, it can clean dust or garbage in a variety of environments.

It is equipped with a push-and-suck head that is about 60cm wide, which can be sucked while sucking, reducing manpower and material resources.

The frame is equipped with an anti-static chain to keep the static electricity away while ensuring that the ground or frame contacts are electrically conductive.

The key component motor warranty is 2 years.

Can refer to the applicable place:

It can be used in industrial and commercial fields such as hardware, food, motor, machinery, chemical industry, etc. It is especially suitable for large-area dust removal in factories. It can also be used for vacuuming, water absorption, oil absorption, iron scraping, sand absorbing stones, glass absorbing pieces and so on. It can also be used with other products or as a waste collection. Please consult the sales staff for details.

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