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  • Product name:Kaidewei generation GS series GS-1232
  • Category:Vacuum cleaner series
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Product introduction:

GS-1232 is an industrial and commercial vacuum cleaner with a dust collecting bucket of 32L, which is convenient for use with various dust removal accessories. It can be used in industrial environments or in general commercial and corporate environments.


The plastic parts of the whole machine are made of PP material.

The incoming air is a turbine cyclone.

The heat dissipation is air-cooled double bypass heat dissipation, which can cool the motor through the air sucked from the dust suction port, and can also cool the motor by sucking cold air from the upper air inlet of the vacuum cleaner while the vacuum cleaner is running, prolonging the machine. usage time.

The filter system has a total of 5 layers: the first layer is a paper bag, the second layer is a washable FPPR3600 filter element, which is made of polyester. The area is up to 3600 cm2. The third layer motor base filter cotton, around the fourth layer motor. Filter cotton, filter on top of the 5th motor.

The handle of the principle of artificial mechanics makes it easy for the user to lift the product for movement.

The upper cover is designed with a lower cover. During use, water can be prevented from entering the motor from the upper part of the machine to avoid malfunction.

The dust collecting bucket is made of PP injection molding. There is no screw in the barrel, it is smooth and easy to clean, and the dust collecting bucket is 32L.

The female connector is movable and equipped with a maintenance ring, which can avoid hose knotting when in use. When there is a blockage at the female connector, it is easy to clean the blockage by simply rotating the maintenance ring to divide the female connector into 2 parts; The hose is a nylon hose.

The front small wheel of the machine is a universal wheel, which is light, flexible and convenient when moving.

10, the machine is equipped with a variety of dust removal accessories, can clean dust or garbage in a variety of environments; standard paper bags to facilitate the disposal of garbage.

11, the key component motor warranty for 2 years.


Can refer to the applicable place:

Can be used in industrial environments, such as general warehouses, factories, etc.; can also be used with other products, can also be used for waste collection; can also be used in ordinary commercial, corporate environments, such as general offices, rooms, etc. Please consult the sales staff for details.

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