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  • Product name:Kaidewei under the air intake series DL-2078X
  • Category:Vacuum cleaner series
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Product introduction:

This machine is designed and developed by our company to solve the problem that the filter is easy to block during the use of the vacuum cleaner.


1. This machine is designed and developed by our company to solve the problem that the filter is easy to block during the use of the vacuum cleaner.

2. This machine discards the air intake principle of the traditional vacuum cleaner, and adopts the principle of lower air intake to make the air and the absorbent move in the same direction, so that the dust does not easily adhere to the filter.

3, the power has 2400W power, is composed of two 1200W motor, can be used according to need to open one or two at the same time, with a synchronous switch, in the case of ensuring safety, synchronized with the supporting equipment.

4. The dust collecting bucket is made of stainless steel, and the dust collecting bucket is 80L.

5, two-layer main filtration system, the first layer of filtration adopts bag design, the absorbed waste will stay in the filter bag directly, the filter bag can be taken out from the barrel when cleaning the waste, the operation is simple; the second layer is FPPR5800 filtration The filter area can reach about 5800cm2.

6. The body suction port adopts mechanical buckle design, with movable female connector with maintenance ring, avoiding hose knotting when using. When there is blockage at the female connector, just rotate the maintenance ring to connect the female connector. The blockage can be cleaned in two parts; the hose is configured as a nylon hose.

7. The front wheel is a fixed wheel, the rear wheel is a universal wheel with a brake, and the frame is light and flexible when moving. When the safety is ensured, the ground brake can be stopped on a small slope.

8. The frame is equipped with an anti-static chain to guide the static electricity away when the ground is electrically conductive.

9, with a variety of dust removal accessories, can clean dust or garbage in a variety of environments.

10, the key component motor warranty for 2 years.

Can refer to the applicable place:

It is suitable for the cleaning of fine dust in the factory workshop and polishing industry; the cleaning of lighter and absorbent materials such as cotton wool and paper scraps produced in the textile industry and paper industry. Please consult the sales staff for details.

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