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  • Product name:Kaidewei battery series vacuum cleaner DL-2060D
  • Category:Vacuum cleaner series
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Product introduction:

DL-2060D is a rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaner that eliminates the limitations of the conventional towline vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner uses the battery as a power source, no external power supply, easy to operate. . In addition to the conventional hand-held vacuum, the machine has a 60cm wide pusher that can be sucked while pushing.

Machine features:

The Kadewei battery vacuum cleaner is a rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaner of our company. It eliminates the limitation of the scope of the conventional towed vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner uses the battery as the power source, no external power supply, and the operation is simple and convenient.

2. The power source consists of two 12V maintenance-free batteries.

3. The power consists of two 700W motors. The independent switch can be turned on or off at the same time as needed. At the same time, a total of 1400W is turned on. It is equipped with a real-time power indicator to understand the battery usage in real time.

4, three-layer filtration system, the first layer of filtration area up to 3100cm2 non-woven FP3100 filter; the second layer of filtration FPPR5800 filter is made of polyester material, the filtration area can reach about 5800cm2; the third layer is the motor Filter cotton around.

5, equipped with manual vibration, in the process of use, shaking the vibration handle on the left and right can play the role of cleaning the filter, improve work efficiency.

6. The body suction port adopts mechanical buckle design. The female connector is movable and equipped with a maintenance ring. When using it, avoid the hose knotting. When the female connector is blocked, just rotate the maintenance ring to divide the female connector into two. The plug can be cleaned in 2 parts; the hose is configured as a nylon hose.

7. In addition to the conventional hand-held vacuum, it is also equipped with a 60cm wide push-and-sucker, which can be sucked while pushing; the barrel is made of stainless steel and the dust collecting bucket is 60L.

8. The front small wheel is a fixed wheel, the rear wheel is a universal wheel with a brake, and the frame is light and flexible when moving. When the safety is ensured, the ground brake can be stopped on a small slope.

9. With the dumping function, the user can clean the trash in the bucket only by lifting the tip of the dust bucket.

10, the frame is equipped with anti-static chain, in the case of ensuring that the ground is a conductor, the static electricity can be guided away; also equipped with a storage basket, which can be used to put the commonly used accessories, etc., convenient to use.

11, the key component motor warranty for 2 years.

Can refer to the applicable place:

Applicable to textiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food processing, machinery manufacturing, paper, ceramics, etc. that require large-area cleaning and do not want to be limited by the power line restrictions. Please consult the sales staff for details.

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