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  • Product name:Kaidewei high power SK series sk-510
  • Category:Vacuum cleaner series
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Product introduction:

SK-510 is an industrial vacuum cleaner. The whole machine adopts industrial design style, which is beautiful and tough. The machine dust collecting barrel is made of stainless steel, the barrel wall is smooth and easy to clean; it is equipped with shaking dust and pressure relief valve.


1. This machine is an industrial vacuum cleaner. The whole machine adopts industrial design style, which is beautiful and tough. The barrel of the machine is made of stainless steel, and the barrel wall is smooth and easy to clean.

2. The motor is a brushless motor, allowing the motor to work continuously.

3. The fan is a high negative pressure air pump. The blade and the outer casing are die-casted by alloy material. After the overall polishing and spraying, the thermal expansion and contraction of the whole machine are relatively controlled, the air volume is stable, and the bearing with stable quality is selected.

4, there are 2 layers of filtration system, the first layer of FPPR8200 filter is made of polyester, the area is up to 8200 cm2, the second layer is non-woven FP3100 filter, the total filtration area of the two layers can reach about 11300 cm2 .

5, equipped with manual vibration, in the process of use, shaking the vibration handle on the left and right can play the role of cleaning the filter, improve work efficiency.

6. The barrel body adopts mechanical buckle. The female connector is movable and equipped with a maintenance ring. When used, the hose can be knotted. When the female connector is blocked, just rotate the maintenance ring to divide the female connector into two. In 2 parts, it is easy to clean the blockage; the hose is a nylon hose.

7, the key component motor warranty for 2 years.

Can refer to the applicable place:

It is suitable for the floor of the factory floor, equipment workbench, and also for places where the working area is narrow and dusty. Can be fixedly mounted on large equipment as a fixed vacuum cleaner. Please consult the sales staff for details.

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