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Application scope and applicable ground introduction of Shanghai industrial washing machine

Release date:2019-04-02

Following the Shanghai industrial washing machine, more and more commercial enterprises have selected the Shanghai industrial washing machine as the primary thing in daily cleaning operations. However, the selection also affects many customers. The following small series will introduce us how to choose the Shanghai industrial washing machine according to the practical needs.

First, the business environment: Commercial customers are currently the primary cleaning operations in the corridors or supermarkets and canteens. The ground in these areas is often dominated by tiles or marble and the ground is flat. Because of the large flow of people, daily cleaning operations are essential. However, the area is not very large. Therefore, when selecting the Shanghai industrial washing machine, you can choose the mini-type Shanghai industrial washing machine or the hand-pushing Shanghai industrial washing machine. Because the ground conditions are better, you can pick the original car equipment in terms of equipment. Use a suitable cleaner according to the ground grease or dust conditions. Normally, the above-mentioned grounds also recommend customers to clean water.

Second, the company's factory environment: Now with the country's standardization of the company's plant and work area, more and more enterprise buildings use lacquer and epoxy floor to replace the traditional cement floor. Often, the enterprise user area is large and the aisle is wide. Under such circumstances, we advocate the introduction of a driving type scrubber, and the equipment is selected to replace the hard brush. Moreover, because the mechanical equipment industry has heavy oil stains in the workshop, it is recommended to use detergent in daily operations. The addition of detergents is generally followed by the condition of the water distribution rate. The manufacturer advocates the addition of 10:1, and the qualified customers can add a defoamer to the sewage tank to prevent the oil from reacting with the detergent to cause a large amount of foam.

Third, the property community environment: normal property community customers, the Shanghai industrial washing machine is mainly used in underground garages. Because the garage itself is underground, the garage is wet and slippery all the year round, and the dust that comes with the car is larger. There is also waste in the moving place of the residents. In this environment, we advocate customers. Pick a sweeping device. The equipment is capable of sweeping and cleaning the waste inside the garage in the effective packaging and drying on the ground.

Of course, the above three points are also the detailed plans that we have developed according to the experience. Users need to communicate with the manufacturers. If they can, look at the detailed environment to give the best plan.

For more information about Shanghai Washing Machine, Shanghai Industrial Washing Machine and Shanghai Automatic Washing Machine, please contact Xiaobian.

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