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Why is the factory Shanghai automatic washing machine recognized by more and more companies?

Release date:2019-04-02

Nowadays, many large factories are appearing more and more throughout the country, and the area is getting bigger and bigger. The traditional manual cleaning form is also less and less satisfied with the cleaning requirements of the factory. Therefore, more and more factories in Shanghai are the most important cleaning equipment in the factory. Why can the Shanghai automatic washing machine be able to be used in large factories? What is it approved?

Since the introduction of the new labor law in 2008, the rising labor costs have become an urgent problem for every company. The cleaning efficiency of the Shanghai automatic washing machine is usually many times that of the manual, and each machine only needs one operator, which can save a lot of labor costs and liberate the labor force in a certain meaning.

The traditional method of cleaning is the brooming and other things, which have a huge threat to the health of the cleaners. The first time to bend over and clean up, it will cause great damage to the lumbar spine of the workers, and a lot of dust will occur in the process of this cleaning method, which also has a great influence on the human respiratory tract. Long-term deposition will always lie on the human body. And the dust will fall to every corner of the factory, and it will take time to clean and add a lot of cleaning work.

As far as cleaning is concerned, the cleaning function of the Shanghai automatic washing machine is much better than the manual cleaning. Shanghai automatic washing machine has the function of vacuuming, which can clean dust and garbage easily, and avoid the dust falling everywhere to form a key to human health, and will not add more work.

The factory Shanghai automatic washing machine is also widely used. According to different cleaning environments, there will be a relative model design. It can be divided into a driving type Shanghai automatic washing machine, which can be used in a relatively large factory building and Outdoor plaza, and in the office area or a relatively narrow area, you can choose a smart, compact hand-pushing Shanghai automatic washing machine. Regarding the factory, the selection of the factory Shanghai automatic washing machine can improve the corporate image and reduce the company's cost, so this is also the inevitable result.

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bet亚洲官网手机版|bet1 365 vip官方网站

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