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Correctly use Shanghai automatic washing machine to change the operation of Shanghai automatic washing machine!

Release date:2019-04-02

Nowadays, Shanghai automatic washing machine has become a necessary cleaning equipment for factories, stations, supermarkets and other public places, and is widely used in many occupations. The reason why the Shanghai automatic washing machine has such a broad space for development is that it can reduce the labor intensity, reduce the cost of cleaning by the manufacturers, and become the cleaning equipment preferred by more and more people. With the rapid development of the economy, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the demand for various products is increasing. This makes the Shanghai automatic washing machine career grow with the growth of demand for clean shopping malls. Cleaning, the need to use cleaning equipment, which makes the cleaning profession become the most sunrise industry, Shanghai automatic washing machine as a kind of cleaning profession, also plays an important role in the clean shopping mall. In order to better help users achieve high quality cleaning and reduce the operator's work intensity, Shanghai automatic washing machine has made great contributions.

In the process of cleaning the automatic washing machine in Shanghai, we only need to follow the correct steps described in the instructions, put down the brush tray, put down the squeegee, start the machine, and clean the ground through the Shanghai automatic washing machine. The stains are cleaned very cleanly, and there is no secondary pollution. Therefore, the Shanghai automatic washing machine is widely used in shopping malls.

The fully active Shanghai automatic washing machine is very suitable for protection and cleaning of various grounds in large-scale areas. The real innovation of the ground cleaning, small size, simple weight, strong power, high efficiency, economical and practical, is very suitable for non-professionals. As a driving-type full-active Shanghai automatic washing machine, the driving-type fully active Shanghai automatic washing machine is easy to understand and control the safe and safe driving machine. The polyethylene tank and frame design allow for maximum usability.

Therefore, it is very suitable to clean large-scale, irregularly shaped places. It is suitable for the protection of large indoor and outdoor places with high cleaning requirements and thoroughly cleaned and fully automatic Shanghai automatic washing machine, which can clean 3000-5000 square meters per hour. Electronically active control, the capacity of the clean water tank has been expanded to more than 100 liters, ensuring long-term operation, special design, making watering/discharging operations extremely easy and reducing downtime. This model is suitable for large-scale installations that are often protected and cleaned, and above-ground cleaning and protection operations in public places.

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