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Shanghai industrial washing machine common problem handling methods

Release date:2019-04-02

Generally, when customers use the Shanghai industrial washing machine, they often encounter some minor problems. They don’t know much about the Shanghai industrial washing machine. Let the sales staff come to the door to handle it. The cost is big. At this time, we need to use it. The staff knows a little about the common sense of the Shanghai industrial washing machine. In fact, the problem can be handled very simply. In fact, machines are often incorrectly used to clean the very large ground beyond the machine's own technical capabilities, perhaps the type of mission that the device is simply not suitable for.

Here are some examples of the problems you might encounter, as well as those related to safe and efficient cleaning:

Insufficient water on the brush plate

1. Check that the water valve has been opened

2. View the amount of water in the clean water tank

3. Check if the water filter is clean (if any)

4. Check if the pipe that delivers water to the brush plate is blocked.

Machine cleaning is not complete

Look at the wear of the brushes and replace them when needed (the brush should be replaced when the length of the bristles is less than 15mm). Replace it with another brush of the same standard. When carrying out the cleaning mission on a truly filthy ground, a special brush plate should be used, which is specially supplied on demand.

The squeegee does not absorb water well.

1. Check if the squeegee rubber strip is clean. Is there any solid residue left in it?

2. Replace the broken strip. Adjust the point of view of the squeegee. For correct application, the squeegee should be conditioned according to the wear of the strip; during the cleaning process, the strip should be bent back 5 mm in the length direction.

3. Check that the suction hose is properly inserted into the inlet of the recovery tank.

4. Remove the suction unit and wash them.

5. Check if the suction motor switch has been turned over.

6. Check the adjustment of the leeches.

Too much bubble

Check to see if you use a ground foam cleaner. If required, take some low foaming agents in the recovery tank. Remember: If there is a lot of dust on the ground, it will produce a lot of foam, then the cleaning solution should be diluted.

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