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Shanghai industrial washing machine using the selection brush is still a cleaning pad?

Release date:2019-04-02

Shanghai industrial washing machine is still relatively unfamiliar to most users. Many people still do not know how to choose the brush for the Shanghai industrial washing machine. In addition, the Shanghai industrial washing machine brush plate also has soft, hard, and steel wire. The scouring pad also has different styles of black, red and white. How to choose?

The selection of Shanghai industrial scrubber brush and scouring pad is mainly based on the different materials on the ground, the degree of wear resistance and the cleanliness of the ground. At present, users of Shanghai industrial washing machine encountered by Xiaobian are likely to be able to pay dividends in the following situations:

1. The requirements for cleaning the cement, terrazzo and floor tiles are relatively low, and they are also relatively wear-resistant. The nylon washing brush is standard on the Shanghai industrial scrubber. If the ground is particularly dirty or accumulated oil all year round, it can be considered at the beginning of cleaning. Use a wire brush.

2, epoxy floor, waxed floor, this kind of ground is not wear-resistant, suitable for the selection of medium hardness or soft brush, perhaps choose the red scouring pad, such a soft scouring pad for cleaning, but It is important to pay attention to the selection of the brush. It is not allowed to roll the brush plate for too long in the original place, otherwise it will damage the floor.

3. Regarding the mechanical processing plant with heavy oil on the ground, the simple brush plate cannot be cleaned, so it is necessary to clean the ground with a certain amount of carburetor or detergent.

For more information about Shanghai Washing Machine, Shanghai Industrial Washing Machine and Shanghai Automatic Washing Machine, please contact Xiaobian.

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bet亚洲官网手机版|bet1 365 vip官方网站

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