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Shanghai industrial washing machine noise reduction treatment

Release date:2019-04-02

As a kind of cleaning equipment that is now widely used and clean and efficient, Shanghai Industrial Washing Machine can bring great convenience to the cleaning of the production workshop of the enterprise, and deal with the pollution of dust, smoke and exhaust gas in the environment. However, many of our customers often use the Shanghai industrial washing machine to reflect a problem. The motor noise is a bit large. How to deal with it? For example, in some quiet environments, the use of high-power vacuum cleaners, the motor "noise" problem of the vacuum cleaner is a problem that cannot be occupied.

Some manufacturers now claim to be “silent” to their brand of Shanghai industrial scrubbers, and promise to customers that there is no noise at all. Let us think that this is impossible. The principle of the turbine motor of the Shanghai industrial washing machine is the same as that of other centrifugal fans. In the high-speed working process, the noise of the wind speed and the sound of the dust hitting are inevitable. The “noise” problem of the vacuum cleaner cannot be completely dealt with. However, it is possible to use some technical means to fully reduce the noise of high-power vacuum cleaners. Below, we will find a way to avoid noise pollution in a quiet environment for everyone:

First, in the cleaning work in these environments, try to choose a vacuum cleaner with silent equipment, and some high-power vacuum cleaners do a better job in noise treatment, usually put a sound-absorbing cotton on the motor or the air outlet, after this The processing of the program, the sound decibel is obviously much lower, so it is available for purchase.

Second, if you do not need too much suction, try to choose a vacuum cleaner with a small power. Generally, the smaller the power of the vacuum cleaner, the smaller the corresponding noise. The power of such a vacuum cleaner is generally between 600W and 800W, and the sound will be 75. Below the decibel, you can understand the rated power and the sound decibel size when you purchase it through the label on the outer packaging.

Third, according to the clean environment area and application time to choose different power Shanghai industrial washing machine, usually 100 to 120 square meters of room usually choose 1800w to 2000W power, 80 to 100 square meters of room can be selected 1200w to 1800w, 80 square meters or less should Choose from 600W to 1200W. Of course, this is also affected by other objective factors.

4. Select a high-power vacuum cleaner with good sealing performance and good noise. The noise is relatively small. Before buying, check if the body is in good condition. Baxter recommends that you buy a vacuum cleaner. It is best to choose a brand vacuum cleaner. The work of the brand vacuum cleaner is more secure, the sealing treatment of the body is relatively perfect, and the vacuum cleaner of the small workshop has a rough outer casing and a relatively large noise.

Fifth, the use of Shanghai industrial washing machine should open the doors and windows as much as possible, before the use of the vacuum cleaner, the doors and windows are opened, this can ensure that the sound is dispersed outward, no echo, which is very necessary.

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bet亚洲官网手机版|bet1 365 vip官方网站

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