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Shanghai industrial washing machine use method free teaching

Release date:2019-04-02

It is difficult to do everything, but it is difficult. Shanghai industrial washing machine is a must-have cleaning equipment for many factories, but many of our customers have chosen Shanghai Industrial Cleaning Machine to clean, but may not use it. Often our after-sales masters receive customer calls, all kinds of wonderful problems are there, for example, how to release your Shanghai industrial washing machine water, how the machine brush can not touch the ground, how can the machine not open, and so on. In fact, when we send the machine to the customer, there is a series of professional training of Shanghai industrial washing machine. But what is the method? What the customer is our God! Today Xiaobian summed up some questions about how to use the Shanghai industrial washing machine, and hope to help our vast Shanghai industrial washing machine customers!

1. Add water to open the water tank cover, participate in clean water in the clean water tank, and participate in the appropriate amount of detergent. The added proportion can be determined according to the turbidity of the clean environment. The water tank cover needs to be tight.

Note: It is forbidden to pour laundry detergent and high foam cleaner or detergent into the water tank. The resulting foam will damage or burn the machine!

2, equipment operation open the key switch, lightly step on the brush pedal, put down the brush tray, put down the squeegee, press the brush tray and the water suction switch, according to the degree of oil on the ground, adjust the water supply size, press the handle control ring, adjust the Shanghai industrial wash Ground speed, Shanghai industrial washing machine can enter the washing work; after the operation is completed, first close the brush button, step on the brush pedal, lift the brush, the machine continues to drive forward, when the squeegee will accumulate on the ground After all the water has been sucked dry, pick up the squeegee handle and close the suction motor button. When all the functions of the machine have stopped, close the key switch.

Note: It is forbidden to keep the machine in place during the brushing operation for a long time, which will cause damage on the ground!

3. Clean sewage treatment of the water tank: push the machine to the sewer opening and unscrew the sewage throat cover; clean the water tank: open the water tank cover, first block the air inlet of the fan with a rag to prevent the water from invading the inside of the fan and causing the fan Damage, then wash the inside of the tank and the filter with clean water. Cleaning the exterior of the machine: Wipe it with a clean cloth.

Note: It is forbidden to use water to flush the air inlet of the Shanghai industrial washing machine! Do not use corrosive cleaning liquid to clean the exterior and interior of the machine!

4. Charge first unplug the power plug of Shanghai Industrial Scrubber, puncture the charger plug, and then puncture the charger plug into the power socket. The charging time is generally 6 hours. Brush back and brush up. Lift the brush tray first, open the key switch, and press the back brush button.

Note: It is forbidden to use the automatic brush-back function when the machine head is not lifted to avoid damage to the machine brush plate and buckle! Place the scrubbing brush or needle holder in front of the machine, lift the brush of the Shanghai industrial scrubber, push it to the scrubbing brush or the top of the needle seat, turn the key switch, press the brush button, and hear the significant When the brush is rubbed and closed, close the brush button, press the brush pedal, and lift the brush.

For more information about Shanghai Washing Machine, Shanghai Industrial Washing Machine and Shanghai Automatic Washing Machine, please contact Xiaobian.

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