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Shanghai automatic washing machine strip has several materials? Which kind of quality is better?

Release date:2019-04-02

Today, let's first take a look at the scrubbing strip. Washing strips, also known as absorbent strips or scrapers. Anyone who knows the Shanghai automatic washing machine knows that the effect of the strip is to use the characteristics of its different materials, through reasonable cutting or three-dimensional forming, in the process of the Shanghai automatic washing machine, the sewage is guided to a relative In the sealed area, the sewage is sucked back into the recovery tank by the negative pressure generated by the suction motor.

Different physical properties of different materials have resolved the different applications of the strip. The most commonly used materials are:

Natural rubber: Natural rubber is not 100% pure natural rubber, only a small amount of active ingredient is added to synthetic rubber. Because of its relatively low cost, most manufacturers of plastic strips use this information, its main feature is good elasticity, can be applied to the lubrication of the ground and tile floor; but the defect is not oil resistant, wear resistance is poor.

Synthetic rubber: Synthetic rubber, also known as synthetic rubber, is a polymer material obtained by polymerizing diolefins and olefins as a material of petroleum and natural gas. Synthetic rubber is generally not as functional as natural rubber, but its biggest advantage over natural rubber is wear resistance and oil resistance; its drawback is relatively high price.

Linatex: Nanet is made from a fresh latex by a liquid phase process. This kind of information has the advantages of both cost and function. With its excellent wet abrasion resistance, extra long elongation, high resilience and tensile strength, it makes it the best choice for scrubbing strips. This kind of strip can be applied to most of the above-ground and use environments, and is used by most of the first-line brands of Shanghai automatic washing machine manufacturers.

The after-sales department of the excellent Shanghai automatic washing machine manufacturer will provide different materials. You should also select the appropriate strip according to the different ground conditions of the company.

For more information about Shanghai Washing Machine, Shanghai Industrial Washing Machine and Shanghai Automatic Washing Machine, please contact Xiaobian.

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bet亚洲官网手机版|bet1 365 vip官方网站

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