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How to maintain the automatic washing and washing machine bottles in Shanghai

Release date:2019-04-02

Shanghai automatic washing and washing machine can be used for a long time, and the demand for long time is replaced once. This is a problem that many Shanghai automatic washing machine users are very concerned about. Shanghai's automatic washing machine's small consumables are mainly brushed and absorbent strips, the price is cheap, the replacement cycle is generally about one year, and in the long run, the Shanghai fully automatic washing machine battery is a relatively high cost consumables. The price is not cheap.

The battery is divided into two types: dry and wet. The dry battery is a general maintenance battery. The new battery is usually replaced in two years. Wet battery should always pay attention to the scale of the battery water, do not let it be lower than the lowest scale line, and not higher than the highest scale line, if not water, add battery to make up liquid or distilled water, do not add stock solution to prevent excessive concentration, long time no need When it is re-enabled, it is generally necessary to recharge the battery for reuse. If the water supply battery is properly maintained, it is guaranteed to be free of water, and the average service life is longer than that of the dry battery.

The following points are noted in the usual use of the battery during the process:

1. When the battery of Shanghai automatic washing machine is used for the first time, the first three charging moments should be more than 14 hours, then it can be filled. The charging time is about 8 hours normally. You can choose to charge every day after work, and disconnect the charger when you go to work the next day. When the battery is fully charged, the charger will generally stop charging the battery. The voltage of each battery installed in Shanghai automatic washing machine is different from the current. There are corresponding chargers. You can not use different standard chargers at will to avoid damage to the battery.

2, Shanghai automatic washing machine water battery should not check the liquid level about one month, if the water level is lower than the safety line orientation, the battery should make up for the distilled water in time.

3, Shanghai fully automatic washing and electromechanical bottles plus distilled water should be carried out after the battery is charged.

4, each time the best use of the battery to leave 20-30% of the remaining electricity, it is said that do not recharge each time the electricity is used, excessive discharge will affect the battery life

5. The discharged battery should be charged within 24 hours, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

6, Shanghai fully automatic washing and electromechanical bottle when the time is not used, should be used to make up the battery once every two to three months.

7. If oxides appear on the fully automatic washing and electroplating electrophoresis bottle poles and wire joints in Shanghai, they should be removed in time.

For more information about Shanghai Washing Machine, Shanghai Industrial Washing Machine and Shanghai Automatic Washing Machine, please contact Xiaobian.

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bet亚洲官网手机版|bet1 365 vip官方网站

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